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Systems Performance Management

Over time all companies externalise their IT systems reaching our to customers and suppliers in unprecedented new ways

The quality of business relations becomes dependant on the availability and performance of IT systems

Systems performance is becoming harder to ensure in the context of outsourced IT and technological complexity

We offer a complete service portfolio to measure and manage the performance of web sites and internal systems

SAP Solutions and Development

We develop and market SAP add-ons for Warehouse, Operations Management and Delivery Logistics

Our Solutions are fully SAP integrated and include PC and mobile device interfaces

The solutions are available in flexible deployment modes both as traditional add-on and cloud installations

All solutions are provided with on-going support and enhancement

Upon request we provide SAP development based on customer specification

Advanced SAP and Infrastructure Consulting

We provide a limited volume of advanced consulting through world-class experts

We consult in SAP Iplementation, SAP Landscape Transformation, Hadoop, OpenStack and Cloud Migration

We deliver the services in a variaty of modes including outcomer-based service, time and material service, staff augmentation service 

SAP Training

We believe that continuous training in SAP for IT and business specialists is key throughout the life cycle of an SAP system

We offer the full portfolio of SAP courses for both traditional and the new generation solutions

We provide project training fitting specific customer requirements 

Ourtraining facility is excellently equipped and conveniently located

Upcoming Training Events

  • 14 Mar
    SAP, BIT 460 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM

    SAP, BIT 460 SAP Exchange Infrastructure Mapping