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SAP Implementation

We lead and contribute to the Iplementation of the technical infrastructure of SAP systems 

We deliver in a variaty of modes including outcome-based fixed-cost, time and material and staff augmentation

SAP Optimisation

What is the performance of your SAP systems?
What is the size of your SAP infrastructure?
What part of your SAP infrastructure you actually use?
What drives your infrastrucuture and Cloud cost?

Use our SAP Optimisation service to know the answers, improve performance, optmise infrastrcuture, enhance Cloud vendor repationships

See all of your SAP perfrormance and utilisation in our on-line reporting platform -

Available for Cloud, in-house and hybrid installations

SAP Systems Maintenance

Let us take responsibility for the uninterrupted performance of your SAP systems and their efficient use of infrastructure resources

Keep the SAP business logic in house or with your preferred partners
Let us do SAP BASIS, database management, transports and infrastrucutre configuration
Let us collaborate with your Cloud vendors on your behalf

Be allways fully informed of every our activity and the outcome of our services by accessing on-line information at

We are deeply specialized and dedicated 24x7

Available for Cloud, in-house and hybrid installations

SAP Cloud Migration

You are considering migrating your SAP systems to the Cloud
You are in the process of moving to the Cloud
Your systems are already in the cloud and need optimisation for performance and cost

Benefit from our experience in numerous projects and multiple industries

We can help identify Cloud providers suitable for you
We create or verify migration plans
We lead or contribute to your migration project
We can get involved in on-going projects to support specific stages or tasks

We have been part of a number of successful SAP migrations for large and complex systems in the USA, Europe and Asia
We use a new and innovative method for migrating large SAP systems - SDOM, reducing both risks and cost

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