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Know what computing resources you use

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SAP Cloud Migration

You are considering migrating your SAP systems to the Cloud
You are in the process of moving to the Cloud
Your systems are already in the cloud and need optimisation for performance and cost

Benefit from our experience in numerous projects and multiple industries

We can help identify Cloud providers suitable for you
We create or verify migration plans
We lead or contribute to your migration project
We can get involved in on-going projects to support specific stages or tasks

We have been part of a number of successful SAP migrations for large and complex systems in the USA, Europe and Asia
We use a new and innovative method for migrating large SAP systems - SDOM, reducing both risks and cost

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  • SDOM


  • SAP Compliant

    100% compliance and integrity with SAP 

  • Mgrate within a weekend

    Siginifcantly reduces down time for large SAP systems

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  • Reduces risks and complecity

    Simplifies and removes complex tasks from the go-linve weekend

  • No additional IT Infrastrucutre

    Eliminates the need for additional temporary infrastructure capacity

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  • SDOM - an innovative migration method

    SDOM is developed by Canopus-GBS Pvt Lts ( Forability offers SDOM in pernership with Canopus