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Know how your systems work

Know what computing resources you use

Improve your infrastructure/cloud vendor relationships

SAP Optimisation

What is the performance of your SAP systems?
What is the size of your SAP infrastructure?
What part of your SAP infrastructure you actually use?
What drives your infrastrucuture and Cloud cost?

Use our SAP Optimisation service to know the answers, improve performance, optmise infrastrcuture, enhance Cloud vendor repationships

See all of your SAP perfrormance and utilisation in our on-line reporting platform -

Available for Cloud, in-house and hybrid installations

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  • Performance Measurement by SAP system

    Measure and report performance of SAP systems

  • SAP Host uilisation

    Measure and report utilisation of SAP hosts - CPU, Memory, Storage

  • Periodic Reporting of Performance and Utilisation

    Weekly reporting in fixed format and on-line of performance and infrastructure utilisation

  • Expert advice

    Weekly and monthly expert briefing on performance and utilisation outcomes

  • Risks and Opportunities

    Identification of risks and opportunities related to performance and infrastructure

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  • Cost drives

    Identification of drrivers of in-house and Cloud-based infrastructure costs