Your Partner for Reliable SAP Systems

  • New SAP Installations

    New SAP Installations

    We lead and contribute to the Implementation of the technical infrastructure of SAP systems 

    We deliver in a variety of modes including outcome-based fixed-cost, time and material and staff augmentation

  • SAP Optimisation

    SAP Optimisation

    What is the actual performance of your SAP systems? What part of your SAP infrastructure you actually use? What drives your infrastructure and Cloud cost?

    Use our SAP Optimisation service to improve performance, optmise infrastructure, enhance Cloud vendor relationships

    See all of your SAP performance and utilisation data in our on-line reporting platform -

  • SAP Maintenance

    SAP Maintenance

    Let us take responsibility for the uninterrupted performance of your SAP systems and their efficient use of infrastructure resources: SAP BASIS, database management, transports and infrastructure configuration.

    Be always fully informed of every our activity and the outcome of our services by accessing on-line information at

    We are deeply specialized, dedicated 24x7 and service Cloud, in-house and hybrid installations.

  • SAP Cloud Migration

    SAP Cloud Migration

    Identify suitable Cloud providers and create migration plans

    Lead or contribute to your migration project

    Benefit from our experience in a number of successful SAP migrations for large and complex systems in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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  • Performance of SAP systems

    Measure and report performance of SAP systems

  • Utilisation of infrastructure

    Measure and report utilisation of SAP hosts - CPU, Memory, Storage

  • Reporting

    Weekly reporting in fixed format and on-line of performance and infrastructure utilisation

  • Expert technical advice 

    Weekly and monthly expert briefing on performance and utilisation outcomes

  • Risks and Opportunities

    Identification of risks and opportunities related to performance, reliability and cost

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  • Cost optimisation

    Identification of drivers and opportunities for reduction of in-house and Cloud-based infrastructure costs

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  • SDOM is effective and tested

    Static-Data-Online-Migration allows migration in a single weekend while avoiding additional licence costs

  • SAP Compliant

    100% compliance and integrity with SAP 

  • No additional IT Infrastructure

    SDOM eliminates the need for additional temporary infrastructure capacity

  • Reduces risks and complexity

    SDOM simplifies and removes complex tasks from the go-live weekend

  • Migrate within a weekend

    Significantly reduces down time for large SAP systems