Infrastructure Tuning Boost

A cost reduction service from Forability

        Organisations need fast and reliable business systems which run on an IT infrastructure of servers, data storage units and network devices, residing in internal Data Centres or ‘hosted’ in the Cloud by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many others. The initial investment for owned IT Infrastructure is high and there are various running costs. For the Cloud clients pay monthly fees which are significant and may run into millions for larger enterprise setups.

The business case

In the great majority of cases the IT infrastructure of an organisation hides significant slack which provides the opportunity for sizable savings by altering the way applications use hardware resources and rearranging the configuration of servers and storage units. The opportunity is even more pronounced with the Cloud where there may be numerous added services leading to a financial excess that tends to build up in the long-term.

However, reducing IT infrastructure slack is a complex task that requires experience, the proper expertise and a very good understanding of how to align the minimum infrastructure required for the optimum speed and reliability of business-critical systems. 

Our Approach

By using industry leading, proprietary solutions we are able to collect extensive meaningful data about systems performance and usage of Infrastructure which becomes the basis of a fact-backed plan for rearrangement of IT infrastructure and cost reduction.  


4-7 weeks project delivery

15-35% savings from infrastructure costs

• Improved system speed and reliability

Fixed price depending on landscape size

• Guidelines for future improvement

Measurable and tangible benefits

• Fully remote delivery


Data Collection and Plan

(2 weeks)

Collection of data and agreement on action plan



(1-4 weeks)

Implementation of the aligned action plan


Results and closure

(1 week)

Documentation and communication of results