SAP Performance Boost

A service from Forability Ltd to speed up slow SAP systems

        The family of systems from SAP AG automates work within and across businesses, eliminating tedious information manipulation tasks and enabling a totally new level of operational effectiveness. A critical expectation from the SAP systems is their Performance: the ability to process and deliver information to humans and other systems at the exact time and fast, so that the complex chain of mutually dependent activities can flow smoothly. 

The business case

For many organisations the performance of SAP systems is missions critical – a must have for operational and financial success.

Usually, reduced SAP Performance relates to growth of business, side effects from changes made to the systems or upgrades. And in most cases the issues get worse with time.

With “SAP Performance Boost” Forability delivers major improvement of poor SAP performance packaged in a single service over 4-6 weeks and done remotely.

Our Approach

We use proprietary technology to collect data about performance of the SAP systems and the underling server infrastructure and identify improvement actions which are completely fact-driven and in line with the best practices of SAP AG. 

Following analysis, we only proceed to implementation after customer approval of a documented commitment for improvement of SAP performance and a fail-safe work plan. 

We are specialists in SAP systems design, implementation and management with more than fifteen years of experience in projects across the world and bring our expertise in the form of proven tools and methods.  


4-6 weeks project delivery

60-300% improvement in SAP Performance

Fixed price depending on landscape size

• Guidelines for future improvement

Measurable and tangible benefits

• Fully remote delivery

• 100% tested and proven in practice


Data Collection and Plan

(2 weeks)

Collection of data and agreement on action plan



(1-3 weeks)

Implementation of the aligned action plan


Results and closure

(1 week)

Documentation and communication of results